Friday, October 1, 2010

Family Tree, Tania

Family Tree.
about the piece.
This is a family tree project Tania did in her kindergarten class. On the right she drew Daddy, then Mommy with Jeremiah and Miles, herself, and her big brother David.  Her mom said, "I was amazed that she thought to draw her lost brothers in the picture.  She was one when we lost Jeremiah and two when we lost Miles.  She didn't know about the losses at that time, but has recently realized that she would have been a big sister.  She is sad that she isn't and so am I.  She would be a wonderful big sister." 
about the artist.
Tania is five years old and just started kindergarten.  She would like to be a big sister, but her two little brothers, Jeremiah and Miles, both died because of cord problems.  They were both five months along.  Of course she never saw them, but misses being a big sister.  She'd like to have a baby in our family and is upset that she only has baby dolls to play with ("They're not even alive!"). 

Tania's mom, Annie, blogs at Cradles and Graves.


  1. i love this! i love the honesty of children in their remembering of siblings gone too soon. it doesn't matter that she never met them - she remembers them!


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