how to submit.

still life 365 accepts most forms of art and expression including poetry, haiku, photography, paintings, fabric art, paper art, sculpture, collage, printmaking, drawing, music, video/film making, cooking/baking, knitting, sewing and craft from mothers, father, grandparents, aunts and uncles, siblings, any family member or friend affected by pregnancy loss including miscarriage, stillbirth and infant death. The only work still life 365 does not accept are blog posts, essays or birth stories. On the rare occasion, we will publish a piece that is significantly different in structure and content than a blog post or essay. While we appreciate the value and importance of this type of storytelling, still life 365 has narrowed our focus to art and poetry.

still life 365 is not in the business of "accepting" your art. all work is welcome here without judgment. HOWEVER, we do have some guidelines that are non-negotiable. still life 365 will not tolerate plagiarism. any piece containing lines or excerpts not attributed will be immediately removed from still life 365 without exception, pending review or rewrite. still life 365 ONLY accepts work contributed by the artist. still life 365 expects work submitted to be wholly your own. we do, however, accept joint submissions. By submitting to still life 365, you are confirming that you have the rights to the works and that you grant still life 365 one-time and archival publication rights to the work you send.

we do not "change" or advise on work submitted, nor will we solicit for work; however, we will spell check and edit for major grammatical errors in poetry and biographical paragraphs. all major changes will be sent back to the writer before publication. we also check for plagiarism when suspected. though we do not "accept" art and writing, we do, however, reserve the right to withhold publication on submissions. we do not automatically publish all the work received. those judgments are based on the amount of work previously submitted by the artist or writer, space limitations, past issues with submissions or ethical, moral or obscenity issues. those judgments are at the discretion of the editor.

we do not mind pieces that have been published or shown elsewhere, but we expect all rights and permissions to be granted before submitting to still life 365. if rights and permissions are not needed, please give us the link to where it was originally published. we accept only digital copies of your artwork along with title, description, medium and materials used. if we receive photographs that are not high enough quality, we may ask you to rephotograph, or rescan. still life 365 does not want your original paintings or art, though can make exceptions on a work by work basis. please contact the editor with questions.

along with your piece, we publish an "about the piece." blurb and an "about the artist." blurb. we love hearing about your inspiration and ways in which this piece of art came to be. also, include a short two-three sentence biography and a link to your blog. if you feel comfortable, include your baby's or babies' names. to showcase as many different artists as possible, we will publish multiple submissions from the same artists at different times, or choose to not publish one or more of the submissions. for example, if three pieces are simultaneously submitted, we might spread them out and show one in january, one in february, and one in march. we also welcome crafts that seem to be unrelated to babyloss, like knitting for example, but hearing how it soothed you, or helped deal with loss, can make it related.

please submit your work to stilllife365days (at) gmail (dot) com. please put submission in the subject line. to submit your blog to the blogroll, email your link to the same email address putting blogroll in the subject. and to submit art-related blogs to our blogroll, put art blog in the subject.

we appreciate your cooperation in making still life 365 a safe space for art and creativity.