Saturday, September 11, 2010

Word Cloud, Gabrielle

Word Cloud.
Graphic design.


about this piece.
Gabrielle talks about this piece, "A word cloud is a visual depiction of the word content of a site. This cloud was built around my blog The Maybe Baby (Babies), where I talk about infertility, and now secondary infertility after the loss of our beautiful twin daughters in 2008. Its funny to me that 'death' takes up such a small space here, and such a large one in my heart."

about the contributor.
Gabrielle talks about her journey, "After assuming I would be childless for most of my adult life, we learned about the possibility of donor eggs. After several attempts with IVF, I became pregnant with the loves of our lives, Isobel and Jovita. They stayed with us for almost 22 weeks and were born on December 5, 2008, far too soon"

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  1. beautifully designed. the colors are just right. so sorry about Isobel and Jovita. Thank you for sharing.


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