Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hot Water Bottles, Catherine

I know this is not a photograph. It is an ink drawing I made a few years ago. This picture comes into my mind whenever I think of two of the little babies that I lost. I never got to hold them or see them but this gives me an image of them, something I can hold and admire!

After many years I am now a mother of two. Twins Hannah and Cormac arrived last December and brought love into my life. My heart will however always ache for my other babies who never arrived.

I work as an art therapist and live by the sea in a lovely part of the south of Ireland.


  1. A beautiful drawing, those little hot water bottles look, to me, at once delicate and robust. I'm glad that this drawing provides you with a tangible reminder of your lost babies but wish that there were here, in your arms. Many congratulations on the birth of your twins xo

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