Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Dragonflies, Krista

My Dragonflies.
Tattoo design.


about the piece.
Dragonflies have always been my favorite bug and since my losses I have discovered that many women are drawn to them after loss. I put this tattoo together using clipart I found online and a downloadable font. The tattoo artist was able to give me exactly what I wanted and even did it cheaper than he quoted it for. Now I have a permanent, physical, outward mark to tell the world that my babies DID exist and that feels right. It was also the only painful tattoo I've ever gotten and that feels right too. - Krista

about the artist.
Krista is a 28 year old woman who has had three healthy, full term pregnancies followed by four miscarriages; a blighted ovum at 12wks, Benjamin Elijah at 16wks, Kadence Delilah at 21wks and Katharine Delia at 18wks.


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