Tuesday, June 7, 2011

For our Sweet Collins, Nikki

For our Sweet Collins
Love, Mommy

I’ll never get to rock you,
or softly comb your hair.
I’ll never get to tuck you in
with a well-loved teddy bear.

There’ll be no Mother’s Day cards,
no wild flower bouquets,
no puppet shows, no zoos, no parks,
no graduation days.

I won’t dance at your wedding,
won’t watch you hold you own first born.
Your life, too brief, and stolen from you,
has left me and your Daddy torn.

But I’ll cherish the time, sweet Collins,
when we were connected by a cord,
I’ll rejoice in knowing you are now safe
in the arms of the Almighty Lord.

I’ll look for you in each sunbeam;
I’ll feel your presence in the wind.
And you will live in our hearts, forever,
Wrapped in a love without any end.


about the piece.
I wrote this poem and read it at Collins' funeral. He passed on May 19 of this year.

about the poet.
Nikki shares her story, "I have a beautiful 14 month old son, and Collins was going to be the "completion" of our family. Two perfect little boys. He died one day after birth due to PPHN, something that occurred despite the fact that I had a perfect pregnancy and barely took a Tylenol during it. It is very rare and we still have no idea why him-- a robust 9 lbs and 1 oz.I am blogging at imissyoulikehell.blogspot.com It's private, but if anyone tells me they read this poem here, I will gladly add them.


  1. I'm so sorry about your Collins. Your poem is beautiful. I'd love to read your blog.

  2. Beautiful poem. I feel like the words came from my own mouth.

  3. I loved the poem, and would love to read your blog!

  4. Nikki, that is beautiful. I admire your courage to read those words at Collins' funeral. Thinking of you, x

  5. Thank you all so much-- if you send me an email at chemigurl at yahoo dot com and just tell me you want to be added as a reader, I will send you an invite.
    I love this place here. I draw so much strength from you ladies


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