Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dream, Sherry Russo

by Sherry Russo

Was it just a dream
that I was pregnant with twins?
That for seven months you and your sister were inside of me growing, moving?
That I saw you, felt you, heard you?
Loved you and Sophie with my every being
the moment I found out I was pregnant?
That for seven months
we were awashed with hope and big dreams,
imagined how our future would be
How perfect to be blessed with two babies?

Was it a just dream
that I gave birth to twins?
That I saw two faces with pink and blue caps on their tiny heads?
That you were alive and breathing at that moment?
That for a moment I believed everything will be alright?

Was it just a dream
when I was told you died?
That I held you and kissed you with your skin still warm?
That I still hoped you will open your eyes?
That I still hoped you will let out a cry?

Was it just a dream
that last winter we had to decide
on funeral arrangements instead of a homecoming?
That on the coldest day of the year
we buried you and said goodbye?
That I died with you that same night
and buried with you forever?

Was it just a dream?



about this piece.
I wrote this piece a year after Brandon died. Reaching that first year anniversary, I was able to finally take that big breath and yet my loss still seemed surreal at times. Some days it felt so fresh while others felt like it was a lifetime ago. -Sherry

about the poet.
Sherry describes herself, "I have been married for 10 years to a wonderful husband, a mother of three, one in heaven. Our world was forever changed when our twin babies were born at 28 1/2 weeks due to an incompetent cervix. Our twin baby boy Brandon died shortly after birth from complications of a collapsed lung, and Sophia stayed in the NICU for 48 days. I mostly write about Brandon and my journey in this world without him. It's the only thing I have that's devoted to him. It helps me heal, while keeping his memory alive." Sherry blogs at Remembering Brandon.

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