Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bitter, Liz Paparella

Liz Paparella.


about the piece.

“She betrayed me”
“She stole my daughter away”
Those are the mantras that keeps running through my head. “She” is my midwife, who I found out in the months after Aquila's death was responsible for her not being born alive and screaming....
I am in a different place in my grief now, a year after Aquila's death. After being chipped away at bit by bit, I am left angry and tired.

This piece is me trying to express this. It is the first relief I have done sine high-school. The difference between most clay pieces and a relief is that instead of building up the piece, you cut into it, to bring out a work of art from what is hidden beneath. -Liz Paparella

about the artist.
Aquila died at my homebirth on December 19th, 2009. She was Liz's sixth child. Her sister Willow was born nine months later, nine weeks early but pink and screaming. Liz blogs about her life at the Paparella Brood.

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  1. I am so sorry to read what happened to your family through Aquila (gorgeous name chosen)Liz. I'm also relieved to read about Willow and your other children.
    Your description of how you created this piece fits perfectly with he way the grief left by the death of our little ones chips away at aspects of us.
    Take care and enjoy your treasures xxx


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