Thursday, December 2, 2010

December Theme: The End

December's theme is The End. December will be our twelfth and last community poem of the year. Exploring the idea of the "The End" means exploring time. The end of the year. The end of our happiness. The end of our grief. The end of our future. I just think there are so many literal and figurative explorations with the end, and it also might be a good way to end the year.

DECEMBER 5: Community Poem
For this month's community poem, each contributor is asked to explore "The End". I am asking each contributor to submit no more than two lines about the phrase, "The End", or what immediately comes to mind when you hear "The End". I will compile it into a poem on Sunday.

Community Poem is going to be published on December 5th, so please submit by December 4th.

DECEMBER 12: Photo Sunday
Taking the theme further for Photo Sunday, please take a photograph either representative or literal about shadows in your life. All photos must be in by December 11.

DECEMBER 19: Mid-Month Challenge
Mid-month challenge is explore this theme in art, music, poetry or craft. All work must be in by December 18th.


I have come to a really hard decision about this space into the next year. It has been an amazing year and I am grateful to everyone who submitted and shared work and writing here. I am in awe of your creativity and expression.

I have decided to take the every day element out of this space. So, there will not be the urgency of having to drum up work every day. If you have work to share, I would love to post it and share it with others. I hope to continue posting work between Monday through Thursday. I'd love for it to be four days a week, but I am not going to solicit in the same way that I did, so basically, it will be like a regular blog in that when I have work, or am moved to post, I will post. I'd love to see what happens with this space. So, please do continue to email art and poetry to me at stilllife365days(at)gmail(dot)com. I still want to continue the community aspects of this space. But in terms of creative prompts and community poem, I am taking January off to regroup and see where I am at without the constant work.

Thank you. I appreciate your love and belief in what I have tried to create here.


  1. You haven't just tried to create something, you HAVE created something. I'm sure it has been bigger and better than your wildest dreams. I know you have given so much to so many this year, so selflessly.
    Well done, Angie.
    I hope to get you some submissions, soon.

  2. Angie, thank you for creating something that has helped so many (myself certainly included). I can't believe that you pulled this and so much more off this year, not the least of which was bringing Thor into the world!

  3. thank you so much for giving us still life 365 this past year. i hope next year can be just as healing for all of us through sharing our artwork! you are amazing...hugs.

  4. I think you've done an amazing job this year, and I am so glad you took this on. And have to say, I completely understand the need to step back and evaluate!

    Thank you for this. It's been amazing, and I hope it continues in some form or another :)

  5. The space you have created has become a home for so many of us. Thank you for bringing us all together through the memories of our babies. Enjoy taking the breath you deserve, Angie.


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