Friday, December 3, 2010

Fionn, Ines


Scale 1:1
Burnt into driftwood


about the artist.
Ines, aka forward tumble, is a 42 year old mother of Fionn who died before he was born in June 2008. After a year of serious illness, she is learning to live her life without her child.

In Ines’ words, “While art and creativity has always somewhat been part of my life, I used to take a lot of pictures (still do) to capture the beauty of life. I have recently discovered art as a new way of expressing and releasing parts of me from within. I now pursue art in a more deliberate way because it seems to cleanse/liberate me which helps both in my grieving and life in general.”

Ines lives in rural Ireland in a house in a big field two miles from the sea. She maintains a number of blogs: forward tumble; daily forward tumble, chronicling her Creative Everyday Challenge; Fionn, a blog about her son; and tunnel time, a blog about growing vegetables in a poly tunnel in Ireland.


  1. Ines, this is a beautiful and moving piece xxxx

  2. Beautiful! I love this piece so much. Such a handsome little Fionn.

  3. Made this from a photograph of Fionn we took the next morning after his birth, he was asleep in our room in the basket. So wonderful to wake up with him... Looking at it right now just makes me cry. He was beautiful, wasn't he? Thank you, Amy and Megan.

  4. He was very beautiful indeed Ines. This is a beautiful tribute to your Fionn but looking at it has also made me cry. xo

  5. Ines, I keep coming back to this. It is particularly moving to me that you used driftwood for this piece.


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