Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Hole Where You Aren't, Holly.

The Hole Where You Aren't.


about the piece.
This photo was taken on the day that my daughter would've turned 18 months old. As my two older girls romped in the leaves on this beautiful fall day, it was so painfully evident that their sister was missing. I stood there watching my kids play, and wondered what life would be like if that third swing hadn't been hanging there empty. -Holly.

about the artist.
Holly is a mother to four. Her third child, a daughter, was diagnosed with a fatal condition on the day of her birth. She lived for fifteen days, but not a moment goes by that she isn't thought of by her mom. Soon after the loss of her daughter, Holly began writing and developed an urge to capture images that would make her grief more tangible. "What motivates me is the desire to freeze these moments in time and allow others a brief glimpse of the world through the eyes of a grief-stricken parent. Losing my daughter has changed the way I see everything." Holly writes at Momentum.


  1. The photo isn't showing up for me... I will check back later :(

  2. I love this photo. Losing a child does change your perspective on everything. You begin to notice shadows and empty spaces that others just can't see. I wonder what empty spaces others are seeing that are invisible to me. Every time I see my two living children I also see the empty space where my other children should be. I see dead people. All the time. They're everywhere.

  3. I guess we forever wonder what it would have been like. Your photo is powerful. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. That picture just took my breath away. It captures "those" moments - the ones where our children are so tangible by not being there.

  5. I can see the photo now, very glad I can too- it is such a powerful image.

  6. oh my. what a powerful image. it truly is breathtaking!

  7. Just beautiful... Breathtaking...

  8. It is beautiful.

    My children did this for me the other day; the arranged themselves for a photo and when I look at it, all I can see is the whopping great space the accidentally left, which would be perfectly filled by a fifth.

  9. wow, what a powerful very sorry for the loss of your little one....I tried going to see more things you have written through the link to Momentum but it didn't work.....i would love to see more things you are saying and more pics you are taking....thx!


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