Tuesday, October 26, 2010

November Theme: Shadows

November's theme is shadows. Literal. Figurative. They seem to envelope us after the death of our children. We have shadow children-those parallel living children born around the same time as our own children died or were due. And shadows that haunt our otherwise sunny days.

Community Poem
For this month's community poem, each contributor is asked to explore both a literal and figurative shadow in two lines. So, use a shadow imagery to describe something figuratively shadowed in your life. For example, my lines are:

Cast off the small metal urn, the darkness grows,
Covering the small neighbor boy, the same age as my grief.

Community Poem is going to be published on November 7th, so all lines must be in by noon on November 6th.

Photo Sunday
Taking the theme further for Photo Sunday, please take a photograph either representative or literal about shadows in your life. All photos must be in by November 13th.

Mid-Month Challenge
Mid-month challenge is explore this theme in art, music, poetry or craft. All work must be in by November 20th.

Ten Questions
Ten Questions will be posted on the day of the Community Poem.

Please direct all questions to the comment section of this post. I do hope this theme is interesting to all of you.

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  1. I like this theme, shadows, living in the shadow of grief, a shadow child, yes. Lots of ideas. Thank you for this lovely prompt.


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