Thursday, October 28, 2010

Broken, Rachel Simon

by Rachel Simon

I feel so broken inside
Torn into miniscule pieces
            By the lack of your solidity
            The barrenness of my arms

Nothing erases the pain of your loss
And day after day
I wish I could go back
                          back to two years ago
                                   To protect myself from who I am today

Because now, it’s as if I
                                    see with only one eye
                                    breathe with only one lung
                                    feel with only half my heart

I am only half here
I am only half gone


about the poet.
Rachel Simon lost her daughter Shiloh to an umbilical cord accident in October 2008. She created a website in memory of Shiloh: In Memory of our Daughter, and maintains a blog called Our Healing Journey.

Remembering Shiloh today on her second birthday and holding Rachel and her family close.


  1. Wow. That is beautifully sad. It resonates with me loud and clear.

  2. Really resonated with me, too.
    Remembering Shiloh today and always.

  3. Wow. Those last two lines resonate particularly stongly. I feel them echoing in my soul.

  4. Remembering Shiloh. Your poem says it all just right.


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