Wednesday, October 20, 2010

December 17, 2009, Michelle Swords

December 17, 2009
by Michelle Swords

a tiny life lost, only partially wanted
a tiny life that will be loved forever
a tiny life gone before it even began

a mother devastated; a father relieved
a mother who now longs for connection to her husband
a mother wants to speak of her lost son
a father angry at the very mention of

xavier ian


about the poem.
Xavier Ian Swords was stillborn at 18 weeks gestation (measured 15 weeks) on June 4, 2009. My husband and I differ in how we grieve as my husband didn't really want another child and struggled with accepting the pregnancy from the beginning. In the early days of my grief, there was a great distance between my husband and myself and I wrote this poem. -Michelle

about the contributor.
Michelle writes about her journey on her blog My World. She writes the names of babies gone too soon at Hangin' With Xavier on the Fridge


  1. This poem is so jolting, so sad. It's powerful, and perfect for the grief contained inside it.

  2. thank you. this grief journey is a long and hard road...i have found great comfort in writing poetry, artwork, and finding friends online!


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