Saturday, August 28, 2010

My World 2, Michelle Swords

My World 2.
October 10, 2009
Michelle Swords.
Expressive Artwork.


Michelle walks you through this piece. Please enjoy this slideshow explaining the meaning behind her work.


about this piece.
Michelle describes her work, "This was the second piece of expressive artwork I completed after losing Xavier. (The first piece is showcased here.)  The colors are deeper because I felt stronger than I had two months before.  So most everything is the same as the first, just bolder.  I focused on family being in my world and moved everything else outside that is helping me.  I am now swimming in a sea of peace, love, and passion.  Xavier is still very near the center of my world.  My universe of hope is turning into a universe of healing.  I continue to have the stars (bright spots) of friends (Tonya, Matt, April), the star of parents sharing hope (support group I attend), the star of journaling, and the star of singing & music along with the Oaklawn, family, and church (faith, hope, glory).  There are blank stars to represent the things that are helping me that I don't realize until later on."

about the contributor.
Michelle writes about her journey on her blog My World.


  1. I really love it. I have already been intrigued by your first version of it but I am a fan of bold colours, so I totally dig the second part. Love the idea behind it and it makes me want to do the same... sorry if i'm being copycat-ish, but I think this is true therapy. (Besides I have issues with writing straight, so I'll never come close to yours).

    Oh, and lovely handwriting!

  2. it's very therapeutic to just sit and write out specific words like hope for hours on end. anyone who wants to copy my artwork is welcome to because each of us would make it our own individual depending on what words we use!

  3. I love the bolder colours and the blank stars. These pieces are so intricate Michelle. I had wondered if it was therapeutic to sit and write the same word over and over again.


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