Saturday, August 14, 2010

My World, Michelle Swords

My World.
August 20, 2009
Michelle Swords.
Expressive Artwork.


Michelle walks you through this piece. Please enjoy this slideshow explaining the meaning behind her work.


about this piece.
Michelle describes this piece, " This is the first piece I did after losing Xavier Ian, just two and a half months after he was stillborn.  Xavier is the center of my world.  I am swimming in a sea of grief.  there are three continents, Andy (my husband) who is my rock, Michael & and (my five year old son and three year old daughter) who each bring growth and help me to keep going on.  I am a Christian and my faith has helped me along this journey.  there is a whirlpool of joy because every now and again I do find joy.  the island with a question mark represents a miscarriage I had before Michael.  there are islands of hope - Oaklawn (where I work with wonderful supportive people) and God, faith, church, glory, and my family (especially my sister).  my world is surrounded by the universe of hope with stars (bright spots) of friends (Tonya, Matt, April), the star of parents sharing hope (support group I attend), the star of journaling, and the star of singing & music.  I did a second one a couple months later to see how far I had come in my grief."

about the contributor.
Michelle writes about her journey on her blog My World.


  1. It's beautiful Michelle. And so unique. I have never seen anything like it before and it makes me want to have a go as well. I like the whirlpool of joy and I hope in time that gets bigger and bigger for you. The sky of hope is also very powerful.


  2. This is amazing. And I am of course floored by seeing the word HOPE written so many times.
    I loved this.
    Thank you.

  3. Oh, wow ! Just amazing ! I feel inspired to do something similar.. It must have taken you ages to do. It's a very very beautiful piece. I would love to see the second one, you did.

  4. It's beautiful and so intricate. All that tiny perfect lettering. Like Madicken's Mom I would love to see the second one, it would be interesting to see how it differs.


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