Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mommy's lil' Angel, Naomi

Mommy's lil' Angel
by Naomi

Up in the air you go,
Smiling down on me;
Mommy's little pilot,
My whole life through you I see.

Healthy little baby,
Daddy's little man;
Why did you leave us...
To be an angel in promise land???

So full of life,
Big hopes and Big dreams;
Loving every minute on earth with you,
Taken to early, it seems.

So as I sit here and
Feel sorry for myself;
Remembering your held by angels,
I smile,
And it helps.

The three months you were here
Were the best of my life;
For you I wish I could
Give my life as a sacrifice.

Blessed by your laughter,
And your joy,
Loving your cries...
And especially your kisses,
You beautiful baby boy.

Even though the day you left
A part of me died too;
Hunter William I CANNOT EVER forget
How much


about this piece.
Naomi talks about her poem, "I wrote this poem so I had something to read at his 'celebration of life' ceremony and so he knows how much his Mommy loves and misses him."

about the poet.
Naomi describes her son, "My son, Hunter, was my first born son. He was so full of life, and died way too soon."

Remembering Hunter today on his Angel Day. 


  1. Very sweet~ full of grief, yet also a whole lot of love.

  2. Your love for Hunter shines through in your words.


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