Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Two Babies, Sally

My Two Babies.


about this piece.
Sally talks about her photograph, "Hope was stillborn, so we never got to take her home from hospital. When her younger brother Angus was born 15 months later, all of a sudden we were ready to bring him home and we couldn't quite believe our luck. We never thought the day would come. I'd thought during the pregnancy that if Angus was lucky enough to make it, that we would take him home via the cemetery to meet his sister. Seemed the right thing to do. We don't go to the cemetery often, but on this occasion, I didn't feel right just getting in the car and heading straight home, so off to visit Hope we went. I took two pictures while there. One with Angus in focus and one with Hope. These are the only pictures I'll ever have of my two babies together. It is sad. But it is my reality."

about the contributor.
Sally is a mother to her lost daughter Hope, stillborn at 40 weeks and 5 days in August 2008 and her brand new son Angus, born alive and screaming in November 2009. She maintains the blog Tuesday's Hope.


  1. Love you Sal.

    Love her.

    Love him.


  2. What the Carlmeister said. Love you all. But a couple of extra kisses for your baby girl.

  3. This has really moved me. It has made me catch my breath.

    Love to you and your family.

  4. Thanks Angie - thanks Carly, Soph and Emma's Daddy.

  5. Wow. The photo is gorgeous and heartbreaking at the same time.

  6. That picture... wow. Gorgeous and heartbreaking, indeed. xo

  7. beautiful pic, my daughter was stillborn march 16th 2010, if im ever too be lucky enough to have more il be taking my next baby up too meet her sister, just like you have done xx


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