Friday, July 30, 2010

Kathlyn's Bike, Elizabeth Davis

Kathlyn's Bike.
Elizabeth Davis.


about this piece.
Beth describes this piece, "This is a little bike I found in an art store; it was a pale, almost dirty looking pink, like it had been in the store for 20 years collecting dust, but I loved it and wanted to paint it and have it out at her birthday memorial. I used my acrylic paint to make it look like the pink/white/red swirly colored rubber-band bracelets with her name on them that I'm going to put inside the wagon to give out as a party favor. The inside was made to look like wood. I also painted the dragonfly and the birthday cake. The pink puppy is a patch I found at the store too; pink puppies are what we use to remember our daughter, inspired by the pink puppy her daddy picked out while I was pregnant."

about the contributor.
By night, Elizabeth Davis is a pediatric registered nurse. By day, she is relearning how to breathe after the death of her daughter Kathlyn. Elizabeth maintains the blogs Waiting for Joy and Letters to my Daughter

Remembering Kathlyn today on her first birthday.


  1. Remembering Kathlyn also. This is beautiful Beth. What a great little project.
    I'm just so sorry she's not here to appreciate it.

  2. What a beautiful little bike. I'm glad you found it and could make it so pretty for Kathlyn.

    Remembering her today- and sending you hugs and peace

  3. Thinking of you today and remembering Kathlyn x


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