Thursday, July 29, 2010

Crane, Janis Tan.

Janis Tan.


about this piece.
Janis explains this piece, "This is the first crane I strung this July with sheer ribbon and beads. I chose red to be the first crane because Ferdinand's birth stone is the ruby and so July is my ruby red month. Friends made me thousands of cranes after Ferdinand died, because they did not know what to do. I also did not know what to do with the cranes, but finally last year decided to string the cranes up to be hung at the local hospital's memorial garden. It really beautified the place and many people had asked about the cranes since. I have more cranes so this year I decided to string up more cranes. The hospital told me they would love to have more cranes.

"This is love, this is remembrance, this is pain, this is grief, this is missing, this is holding, this is one thing I can do now."

about the contributor.
Janis Tan writes on Ferdinand's Gifts. She is still trying to put together the puzzle of her life after her son Ferdinand died, but there is always a missing piece.

Remembering Ferdinand today on his third birthday. Star voyager, you are missed.

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  1. Janis, it's beautiful. I've always loved the cranes and how you describe the memorial garden. I think it's wonderful. Many hugs today (*hugs*) Remembering with you.


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