Friday, June 18, 2010

Triple Bloom, Tracey

Triple Bloom.


about the photo.
Tracey describes her piece, "In the past year, seeking out beauty has been healing for me. Nurturing, carefully protecting, pruning and watching the roses bloom, each one different, each one beautiful. I've taken hundreds of photos of roses this year...and am always amazed by their unique beauty. A simple flower which keeps us connected to the beauty of our Rose.

"This unique triple bloom emerged a few weeks back on Rose's memorial rose plant. I was struck by the irony that the middle bloom should die first."

about the photographer.
Tracey's middle daughter, Rose, was stillborn at full term on January 18, 2009. Tracey shares her life with a supportive and loving husband, Cyril, and daughters Claire and Nadine.


  1. Beautiful, Tracey. I too have taken hundreds of photos of my rose bush. It is a children's rose that was given to us when Hope died. It is pink, like this one.
    All three flowers are beautiful, just like your daughters.

  2. Beautiful, heartbreaking photograph Tracey. Thinking of you and Rose xo

  3. That is just breathtaking! I have a special place in my heart for pink roses too. That was "the" flower that ppl sent just before and after we lost our daughter. Great job photographing Tracey!


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