Saturday, June 19, 2010

Little Star, slh

Little Star
by slh

Goodnight, sweet dream;
I kiss you here, and leave you.

A little star has went out,
that none will miss,
but all will see.

Not a soul knows
just how important
that little star was
to me;

how it's little light,
from it's little cradle
in the sky,
lit up my life;

how I stared at
the long dark sky
after all the brilliance
had left me still.

I kiss you, sweet dreams,
and leave you here
under the darkened heavens
where the light in my heart
has left me abandoned

Little star bright,
my little star light,
the last star I have seen
this forever night;

I wish I may have,
I wish I might have,
had this dream
I wished for you.


about the poem.
slh explains her poem, "This poem was written after my third miscarriage, another early loss. I played with the child's rhyme, and my nickname for that one- my Little Bit. It was just the overwhelming sadness of how not only a little life was lost, but a dream, a hope for the future, and like a star dying out- most people don't even notice, unless they're truly looking- they don't realize what was truly lost with its light. And using a child's rhyme, well I thought the idea of using a child's rhyme to incorporate the loss of a child for this piece worked, as well as the rhyme itself which speaks of dreams, and wishing that things would change- whether they do or not."

about the poet.
After the stillbirth of her niece, and dealing with her own infertility and subsequent recurrent miscarriages, slh began using various mediums to work through her grief. In slh's own words:
“Painting, drawing, and writing have all helped me so much. Not only by creating myself, but by viewing another person's piece and being able to connect.”

To read more about slh, aka Another Dreamer, and her journey, visit her blog at An Unwanted Path.

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  1. I like this very much, it's pretty, but oh so sad.x


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