Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mid-Month Challenge: June

This month's community poem was inspired by a series of children's books by Todd Parr, which describes things like family, earth and peace in simple terms and stick figures. Contributors were asked to help write The Grief Poem, describing grief with one simple central image that begins "Grief is". This month's mid-month challenge was to accompany the line submitted for the community poem with a picture.


Grief is the pain you feel deep in your soul.
Betty Torres

Grief is hoping she will come back, while knowing she never will.
Jaimee, Madeline's "Jub" Mommy
Pen and "Twistable" colored pencils.

Grief is a black hole.
Watercolor and ink.


Grief is distorting
Amy McCarter

about the piece.
May 2009 was a very emotionally difficult month for me. During a particularly dark day I painted this self portrait. I felt distorted, ugly and beaten down by grief. This painting seems fitting for the June challenge.

Grief is forever.
Janis Tan.

Grief is unrelenting and isolating darkness.
Beth Davis.

Grief is smeared mascara and puffy eyes.
Watercolor and ink.


  1. I love the variety and the images everyone chose for their sentence. They are very powerful all together in the slideshow.

  2. I love each one of these. I wish I would have participated....one day I will. Great job everyone!

  3. Wow! These are all great!

    The images for the many faces of grief are so powerful.

  4. those are amazing.. it really does feel like a book.

  5. I love the video. It all came out wonderful.


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