Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Community Poem VI: The Grief Poem

The Grief Poem
by the Community

Grief is everlasting
Grief is lonely.
Grief is the pain you feel deep in your soul.
Grief is seeing her even though she isn't there.
Grief is knowing that tomorrow will come even if that means another day without them.
Grief is full of love and tears.
Grief is like the stillness in the center of a tornado.
Grief is only a very small part of who I am.
Grief is smeared mascara and puffy eyes.
Grief is an empty rocking chair.
Grief is an island with no shore.
Grief is a blunt knife: sometimes it's in the drawer; sometimes it's in your chest.
Grief is me, parched, in the desert, without.
Grief is unrelenting and isolating darkness.
Grief is forever.
Grief is an irreparable tear in the very fabric of your being.
Grief is seeing one head bent over the Lego box instead of two.
Grief is feeling the intensity of life for all the wrong reasons.
Grief is the stiffening in your spine as you feel someone about to count your visible children.
Grief is a black hole.


about the piece.
This month's community poem was inspired by a series of children's books by Todd Parr, which describes things like family, earth and peace in simple terms and stick figures. Contributors were asked to help write The Grief Poem, describing grief with one simple central image that begins "Grief is".

about the contributors.
Contributors by their on-line pseudonym or real life name include:
Krissy, k@lakly, Sally, Betty, Holly, Jill, Christine, Anne, Rachel, Jane, Audrey, Kieran, ANg, Beth, Janis, Emily, Lynette, Louise, Julia and Angie


  1. Grief is all of those things and so much more. We could keep this poem going for months on end, sadly.
    Lovely job, Angie.

  2. I love this and am sorry I once again failed to participate.

  3. Every single line rings true. x

  4. WOW... so amazing... I am definitely drawing a picture for my line!


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