Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rebirth, ANg



about the piece.
ANg describes her piece Rebirth, "For many years after Andrew died seeing a pregnant woman broke my heart, today nine years later its not so bad,sometimes. Sometimes it still crumbles to me knees, sometimes I sigh, sometimes I look away. This piece of art came out one day as I was thinking of fertility. My fertility or rather my lack of. And wondered what my body would have looked like 9 months pregnant. I only made it to 24 weeks. I can only imagine, but I bet I would have looked just as this pic."

about the artist.
Alter My World (screen name) aka ANg began her art journey one year after the death of her newborn son, Andrew Joseph. Her art gives her a voice, whether its her grief expression or her happy times, it gives her a sense of self and of the hope of healing. Art at first became a voice of grief and sorrow, through the years it has become so much more than that. It now has periods of laughter and brightness and when she needs to, she arts about loss and grief and sadness.
Her art can be seen here.


  1. A peaceful image. Your work is beautiful.x

  2. Just lovely. So much emotion is expressed in this drawing. Absolutely beautiful.

  3. I often wonder what I would have looked like 9 months pregnant- never got a chance to know either time. This is so graceful and lovely.


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