Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Untitled, Jane Lloyd

by Jane Lloyd

two years ago you tiptoed into my life
crying as you came into the world

a beautiful little boy
'perfect in every way'
said the doctor

we got to know you
we knew we loved you
we got to hold you
we didn't know we'd lose you

two days later
my world collapsed

surgery, tubes, machines
a sight that will never leave my mind

you died surrounded by love
wrapped with love
mummy and daddy by your side
grandparents looking on

your legacy-one i never imagined
changed outlooks, changed parents
everything good, done in your name

two years ago you tiptoed into my life
crying as you entered, silent as you left.


about this poem.
Jane talks about her poem, "My firstborn son was born after a wonderful pregnancy on April 6, 2008. After two amazing days with his Daddy and I, Noah was rushed to the Sick Children's hospital and died within hours. He had an undiagnosed small bowel issue, one which was not compatible with life, by the time they tried to save him with surgery. Noah is my inspiration for most things. I wrote this poem on what should have been Noah's 2nd birthday."

about the poet.
Jane Lloyd is a twenty-something mother to two. One beautiful boy, Noah, who lives among the stars and in her heart, and one beautiful girl, Charlotte, who lives in Brampton, Canada, with Jane and her husband Matthew. After birthing and subsequently losing Noah in April of 2008, Jane found comfort in writing a blog. Her blogs are a collections of thoughts, feelings and ramblings of a women who will forever be changed by both of her children. Read them here at Letters to Noah and Cherishing Charlotte.


  1. So many emotions wrapped up in this poem. Thank you for sharing.

  2. "everything good, done in your name"
    Such a beautiful legacy and a beautiful poem.
    Thank you for sharing it.


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