Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bag, Emily.

Sewing project.


about the piece.
Emily talks about her bag, "I made this to deal with my fear of my sewing room. My sewing is mostly craft, but sometimes transcends into art. I don't really use patterns and I kind of let the fabric 'tell' me what it wants to be. I make my bags from upholstery samples mostly. I find great pleasure in repurposing things that would otherwise be in a landfill. When my mom came to visit a couple weeks after Juniper died, we cleaned all the diaper making supplies and baby stuff fabrics out of the sewing room.

"But there was still a terrible sadness in that space.

"I sew a lot. Stuff to sell, stuff for friends. The occasional costume (my secret grown-up, non-mom job is theatrical costumer) and every once in a while something for me. I cried every time I went down there. My therapist suggested to me to try to reclaim that space. To make something for myself. It took a while. The first fabrics I picked out made me weep. Then I realized they were the colors of the diaper bag my husband had given me for Christmas. I had to cry a lot while I made it, even though it had nothing to do with the baby. But here it is, something I made. I carry it with me all the time."

about the contributor.
Emily writes about her journey at the Nature of Balloons.


  1. I love it. I hope you feel you reclaimed that space. The bag is beautiful proof of your love for Juniper, and the steps you are taking in your journey through grief. ((hugs))

  2. Many hugs to you, i find this to be SO powerful and kudos to your therapist to help you find something to help you reclaim something that brought you so much joy at one point.

  3. From one seamstress to another, I can so totally get this, although I wasn't afraid of my space.Sewing is my therapy, and handling fabrics has often brought a tear to my eye (or racking sobs) since florence was born.But I need to sew,it's part of me.
    Your bag is beautiful. x

  4. It is a lovely bag made with tears for you little Juniper.


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