Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Woman of Hearts, Elizabeth Davis

The Woman of Hearts.
Elizabeth Davis.
Sketch with markers.


about the piece.
Beth talks about her drawing, "For some reason, I felt inspired to draw a woman with a large heart as her pregnant belly.  I made the 'break' into a K for my daughter's name.  I hadn't planned it, but when I drew the outline of her shirt, it looked like a heart.  Then her face was made to look like a heart, and somehow, I ended up with 20 full hearts in the piece.  I also did not plan for the curls in her hair to look like half-hearts.  After the loss of my daughter, I feel so much more pain than I have ever experienced, but I also feel love so much more deeply now.  That must be how the 'woman of hearts' was born."

about the contributor.
By night, Elizabeth Davis is a pediatric registered nurse. By day, she is relearning how to breathe after the death of her daughter Kathlyn. Beth describes her writing and blog, "Safety is a big issue for me and often appears in my writing.  I have to be safe in my job in the care I provide as a nurse.  My husband is a police officer and I tell him to be safe every time he leaves or we say goodbye on the telephone.  My blog title reflects how important I view safety.  I'm always apologizing to my daughter and begging her for signs that she's safe wherever she is.  I would have kept her safe here too... I would have done my best, anyway, and I didn't mean to fail her the way I feel I did, so I'm constantly looking for signs that she's safe." Elizabeth maintains the blogs Safe in This House and Letters to my Daughter.

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  1. Despite the brokenness you feel, your heart is obviously very full of love. Thank you for sharing with us.


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