Sunday, March 28, 2010

Buttons, Elizabeth Davis

Elizabeth Davis


about these pieces.
In Beth's words, "These buttons were made for a memorial walk, held by the pediatric hospital I work for, called 'Hopebuilders 5K' on October 10, 2009, where a team of my coworkers walked for Kathlyn. I made the buttons with her picture, handprint, and some of the scrapbooking supplies and stickers that were meant to go in her baby girl scrapbook. It was soothing to me to make use of the supplies that I thought would only otherwise collect dust until I have another daughter or even IF I have another daughter. I have since made more buttons for people to wear at a candle lighting ceremony, and I have some more ready to be made because I get requests for them all the time. My daughter is so loved and mourned by so many."

about the contributor.
By night, Elizabeth Davis is a pediatric registered nurse. By day, she is relearning how to breathe after the death of her daughter Kathlyn. Elizabeth maintains the blogs Safe in This House and Letters to my Daughter.


  1. When I first saw the photos of the buttons I instantly thought... Hey I know that baby it's Kathlyn <3 so precious and what a wonderful idea!!

  2. A very sweet way to remember her for those events and times!

  3. that's sweet Monica.. thank you... she's so pretty <3


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