Saturday, March 27, 2010

Evening of Peace, Carly

Evening of Peace.


about the photo.
In Carly's words, "On a still night down at the beach, I lit these candles for all the children that have been remembered down at the shore. I watched the sunset and spotted two dolphins close by. I walked a little further up the beach to where my husband was with my eldest daughter. As I photographed them I looked back at the candles. I could see that the ocean had washed over the them. I went back to pack them away. One candle was missing. The ocean had taken one of the candles out with her. It was Christian's candle. I just smiled and blew him a kiss."

about the contributor.
Carly maintains a blog at Love Reign Over Me.


  1. beautiful, Carly! so soo beautiful! xx

  2. I agree with Franchesca, just beautiful!

  3. A really lovely photo - they say a picture paints a thousand words and that sounds about right to me - and they are beautiful words too! Thank you for sharing this photo and for all you do for this community.


  4. This is an utterly stunning photo Carly, and a beautiful story to go with it.
    Love Sophie xxx

  5. This is lovely. The ocean has always been special to me, and although Henry never saw it, I think of him when I see it for I sang often to him of love like an ocean.
    This looks so peaceful. Did you feel that peace in this moment?


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