Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Laura's Spot, Louise

There is a place we visit in the south west of Ireland that, for various reasons, holds particular meaning for us and Laura. She is there in the landscape, in the sea, in the wind, blowing around us, whenever we visit. We have given her a walk in that place and on that walk a special spot. This summer we spent a fortnight there and invited various friends and family members to join us.

This photo, a ramshackle of kids and cousins, was taken in Laura's spot. We were out for the day walking and the kids all had a list of treasures they had to find on their way - blue flowers, heart shaped stones, Laura's spot, etc. etc. It was the closest all the cousins have ever been to all four of my children. When I asked them to stop for the picture, Astro Boy (who had been collecting wood as he walked) held up his wood to form an "L", holding Laura there proudly for all of us to see. I love this photo.

This past month here at Still Life 365 has been a pleasure and a privilege. Your photographs have been moving and poignant and beautiful. It has been an honour to hear your stories, to see your children's absent presence and to give others the opportunity to see that too. Photos are still coming in and so Angie and I have decided to continue with the theme for another while.

If you want to participate, but haven't attached your photo and emailed it in yet, now is your chance. There is still time and submissions will be welcomed as long as they land in the inbox. Just send them in to stilllife365DAYS(at)gmail(dot)com.

Thank you again for all your time and contributions.


about the artist.
Louise is a mother, a part-time educator, artist and writer from the south of Ireland. Laura was her fourth child, a wonderful gift she had hardly dared hope for. She was born in May 2009, her time on earth already passed. Louise is married to Kieran. Together they are very busy parenting their three living children as they try and come to terms with life without Laura. Louise has been guest editing on Still Life 365 for the month of October. She blogs at Radar of Chance.

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  1. Thank YOU Louise. And I can see your missing girl. She's there in spirit. What a beautiful photo in a gorgeous setting. I loved Ireland when I visited a few years back.


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