Monday, October 31, 2011

Family Photo, Sally

This is a photo of a new photo that hangs on our wall of our perfectly imperfect little family. It only arrived this week and it captures my husband and I, our almost two year old son Angus and our brand new baby daughter Juliet Lily. Looks pretty good on the surface and we're all so happy, but someone is missing. Someone will always be missing.


  1. Oh Sally yes! I look at family photos and can always see the missing. I slot her in there, in my mind.x

  2. Yes, someone will always be missing.

    We know who. You know who.

  3. Thank you for including this, Louise.

  4. During special events, photography sessions, or holidays, I always bring my son't picture with me to include in the photos. I know it feels like your almost family, it feels that way for me too, but your Angel Baby is with you always, just not the way anyone would've hoped. HUGS!

  5. Love the pic.
    I always see Hope there. Others may not, I do.
    Much love & xo


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