Friday, August 19, 2011

Poem for Sky and Mizuko Jizo Magnets, Skytimes.

Poem for Sky.
Poetry and photography.

Mizuko Jizo Magnets.


about these pieces.

A poem for Sky... wherever dead-baby-heaven is, this is how I'd like it to be.

Mizuko jizo magnets...four years along the dead baby road I dreaded the built-up for Sky‘s fourth birthday. Hence I lined up tons of crafting projects to keep me busy. What seemed to work best for my grief-stricken mind was to play around with bottlecap sized canvas and create little Mizuko Jizo fridge magnets. A babyloss mom can never have enough jizos around and it's nice to spread love in his name.

I stayed true to my turning-rubbish-into-beauty credo and everything I used was basically rubbish and too small of an amount/length to be used otherwise.

Materials: soda bottlecap, scraps of coloured cartons or pieces of dark wooden veneer, leftover cords and strings. Pencils and love. --Skytimes.

about the artist.
Skytimes is a graphic artist and designer. Her son Sky died on August, 14th, 2007 and was born sleeping 5 days later on August, 19th 2007, at 33 weeks. She maintains a blog at Skytimes.

Today the still life 365 community remembers Sky on his fourth birthday and abides with his mama in love and thought. Skytimes asked me to share this additional picture, so you can head over to her blog to win one of these mizuko jizo magnets in Sky's name.


  1. Beautiful poem. Happy birthday little Sky. xo

  2. What a lovely poem, really made me smile. Love to Sky x

  3. Thinking of Sky, and hoping that baby-heaven is like that gorgeous poem.

  4. Thanks Angie for posting this. Thanks for everybody's support and love. It made the day a wee bit lighter. xoxo

  5. I saw this on the original day this was posted, and sent many thoughts your way and remembered Sky. Lovely poem, and loving the beauty of the jizo magnets.

  6. I'll never forget baby Sky. He and Hope will be forever linked as August 19 babies.
    Thinking of you Petra, dear friend. Sorry I am late to this.


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