Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fingerprints, Lisa Warner

By Lisa Warner

They are everywhere
But often go unseen.
Like snowflakes,
No two are alike.

A signature mark
That is uniquely yours,
Those swirly lines
Are as good as an ID card.

A little known fact
Is not everyone gets a set.

I held a boy once--
All four point five ounces of him--
Who had none.

And yet...

And yet...

He needed no prints
To leave his mark on me.
No prints, but still
Unique and mine.


about the contributor.
Lisa Warner is a 27 year old new mom living in Indiana. She describes her journey: "I gave birth to a boy just 17 weeks into my pregnancy--on December 29, 2010. We named him Lewis. He lived in our world for nearly three hours, receiving all the love we could give him in that short while. He will live in our hearts forever. Though he was small enough to fit in the palm of my hand, his presence in my life is unbelievably large. I write to remember. I write to sort out my thoughts. If you'd like to follow along, join me at Chancing the Dance."


  1. Beautiful poem, i'm so sorry your little Lewis is not in your arms today. x

  2. Beautiful. Touching. Thanks for sharing.

  3. i love this poem! i can so relate. xavier was stillborn at 18 weeks and only measured 14-15 weeks (1 oz.)

    thank you for sharing!


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