Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Crowns, Laura Wilson

Laura Wilson.
Sewing Project.


about this piece.
I lost my baby Nicholas in December.  I am now making dress up crowns for children in special need and giving them away in his name.  Each crowns reminds me that each child is special, and each moment of joy I bring to another child adds a drop to the sea of joy my child missed.  You can see all of the crowns here.  Attached are two photos for submission.  You can submit a child to receive a crown here. --Laura

about the contributor.
Laura lost her son Nicholas in December of 2010. She writes about her life and projects at we wilsons. Laura runs an Etsy shop called Wilsons.


  1. What a wonderful way to honor you son!

  2. What a lovely thought, the crowns are so special. x

  3. I agree- such a beautiful way to remember him.


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