Sunday, January 30, 2011

News for still life 365

I am just so sorry about the sporadic posting in the month of January. I have been feeling burnt out from 2010, I guess, trying to find my way and my bearings. I am hoping that February I can turn a new leaf and bring you some ART! YEAH! (Imagine rocker hands right now.)

I have had the amazing fortune in January to connect with some other grieving parents and family members this month through readings for the book They Were Still Born and a workshop I led on the Creative Journal. No artistic or writing talent needed--just a sincere desire to be open with exploring grief with the language of art. It is a workshop that was incredible to lead, and I would love to do it again. So, if you and your support group, or just a group of babylost mothers and fathers, want to give it a go. I am based out of Philadelphia, and would love to work with your group, or a group of friends. Contact me for more information at stilllife365days(at)gmail(dot)com

I am also available to do readings of my essay along with Janel Atlas and other contributors of the book. The response to the readings has been  great and it is a good jumping off point for discussion. Again, you can contact me at stilllife365days(at)gmail(dot)com

Guest Editor
I had three people express interest in the Guest Editor spot for this year. I realize that the way I wrote about the role probably seems like a lot of work, so I kind of reenvisioned the editor position, which might be more appealing to you. One thing that struck me last year is that each community poem could have been written hundreds or thousands of ways. I have my style, which is evident in the end product, I think, but I always thought it would be amazing to see what other people do with the same raw material.

SO, the Guest Editor will kick off their month by being the Artist to Artist interview. I will post a piece of their writing or artwork along with a short interview about the role of art and writing in their grief process and life. The Guest Editor create a community poem challenge and pulling together the poem. This poem might have a larger theme, which can be incorporated into the theme of the month. That monthly theme would be applied to a Photo Sunday, if you are interested in seeing that. And mid-month Challenge. You can create a specific challenge, which is usually a visual challenge on the same, or similar theme. So your work as editor will really be one to come up with creative challenges, and pulling the poem together. You can use your email, or I can forward them to you when they come into the still life 365 mailbox, your choice.

If that seems more manageable and you would like to explore the role of guest editor, please contact me at stilllife365days(at)gmail(dot)com

still life 365 is always always always looking for submissions. Please check out the how to submit tab. This space is created and kept alive by your creative fire and interest. So, let's generate some.
Artist Trading Card Swap
Last year I was in an Artist Trading Card (ATC) swap for Valentine's Day with other grieving artists, and I have an incredible series of work in my ATC journal. Artist Trading Cards are 2.5" x 3.5" cards (think the size of a baseball card). ATCs are original, or limited editions works that are created. (Here is a great website description--Art in your Pocket) ATCs are primarily traded between artists to get a sense of who the artist is and to collect individual pieces of artwork. It is a great way to have mini-paintings for your home or office space.

Are you intrigued? Awesome. Why not consider joining the still life 365 ATC swap for Valentine's Day? How do you do it? Create an ATC with a heart theme. It can be about grief, if you'd like, or just about love. You mail it to me at

Angie Yingst
927 Merrick Avenue
Westmont, NJ 08108

You include your ATC, which must must must be FLAT and 2.5" x 3.5" and a self-address stamped envelope. Did I mention that it must be flat? Your work must get to me by next Tuesday, February 7th. I will turn around and mail you back an ATC from someone else. Easy peasy. Use the Mister Linky if you are planning on joining us (so I know to expect your work). If your ATC gets back to me later than Tuesday, I will send still send something out to you. I just don't think it will get to you by Valentine's Day. You can create your ATC with collage, stamping, painting, drawing, sketching, printing, photography...if it is two-dimensional, it is perfectly acceptable.

Sign up in the Mr. Linky below. On Valentine's Day, I will post the ATC I received in the swap (it will be totally random) and provide another Mr. Linky. You can share the ATC you received and/or created on your blog and post a picture, link here, and tell others. Happy creating!


  1. Angie I would love to enter however i know my card will not reach you in time, a week to reach US from Canada is unrealistic.
    plus i need time to create it. too bad,

  2. Actually, I can do two swaps. Those that want it for Valentine's Day can send it by the 7th, and those that don't mind when it comes to send it to me by the 14th? Is that enough time? I just wanted to turn them around, but there are quite a few readers not in the US that might want to participate and find the turn around too stifling. Let me know what you think.

  3. Angie I'd love to join in on this one too, but I'm not sure that it would arrive from Australia on time - could I still send it?

  4. Hmmm, I'd love to include everyone. I am going to edit the post, but I will extend the deadline until the 14th. Is that realistic for the Australians and Canadians? What is the turnaround? The good thing about ATCs is that they are sent like a letter, so no extra postage.

  5. do i just cut drawing paper down to the right size or what do i use if i want to create an ATC?

  6. Yes, you can cut down paper to the size. Generally, people use heavier paper to hold heavier media, like watercolor paper or cardstock. I know at Michaels, if you go into the fine arts section, they actually sell ATC size paper, but generally, this is unnecessary. Just cut it. You can also use playing cards, or old baseball cards. The link has some ideas too on paper size and how to find media to use. Hope this helps, Michelle.

  7. Fun! Because I just can't get enough swaps...

    I really need to work on making a scrapbook for all the ATC I have so far!

  8. Amy, I found this very very reasonable journal on Etsy, which I tape my ATCs into.

  9. I am a very late commenter, in my defense I am on annual leave from my job and my routine has flown out the window. I saw the deadline and thought I would never make it. Now I think I could just make one and send it, if it gets to you on time, all is good, if not you have one waiting for the next swap. Here I go now.

  10. Love this ATC swap! I'll be sending, too for whenever the next one is, thanks!


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