Friday, December 17, 2010

Henry's Memorial Garden, Sara.

Henry's Memorial Garden.


about the work.
These four photos are for Henry's memorial garden. The gardening, more than the photography, has been my outlet. I hope these work. The third anniversary of Henry's death is December 17.  My nieces and nephews gave us the sign on Henry's first birthday, and his memorial garden was begun. Most of the plants are gifts from friends or family, often perennials dug up from their own gardens. Henry's birthday comes at the beginning of gardening season. I never know what to do on his birthday, but spending some time working in his garden seems to feel right. -Sara

about the contributor.
Sara blogs at Heart Heal Hope.

Abiding with Sara and her family and remembering Henry on the third anniversary of his death.


  1. Gardening has been huge for me as well, Sara. And it is not something I'd ever been in to before Hope died. Our garden was a blank canvas when we came home without her, and because of that, and all the spare time we suddenly found ourselves with, we threw ourselves in to gardening projects at will.
    Henry's garden is beautiful, just as he is.
    He is missed today on his anniversary and always.

  2. His garden is beautiful and I love the addition of the sign.

  3. Lovely! So full of color and life! Gardens are such a special place, full of peace and love.

  4. It's beautiful, and I'm glad you have little somethings from friends and family showing their love and care of you and Henry. xo

  5. Henry's garden is really lovely. The sign and the statues are perfect. I sure Henry would be out there collecting cuttings and digging with you if he could be. I am thinking of you and remembering Henry today.


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