Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Soul, Michelle Swords

The Soul
December 31, 2009
by Michelle Swords

the soul was young, not even born
the soul was loved from the beginning
the soul was beautiful, beauty that never reached it's full potential
the soul is in heaven, never to experience the pain here on earth
the soul is with Jesus, basking in His glory
the soul is loved...forever
the soul is remembered forever, never forgotten
the soul is missed


about the poem.
This is a tribute to my son. On June 3, 2009, I went in for a routine 18 week check-up and the doctor could not find a heartbeat.I  was devastated. Xavier Ian was stillborn June 4, 2009. My life was changed forever." -Michelle.

about the contributor.
Michelle writes about her journey on her blog My World. She writes the names of babies gone too soon at Hangin' With Xavier on the Fridge

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