Monday, November 22, 2010

Sleep, Ines

Woodcarving from driftwood.


about this piece.
The above piece was my first try at making something three dimensional. I think for a good while I tried to capture and create something that would portrait that eternal silence and I also tried to make something tangible because all I had was the void, the black hole where my living child should have been. -Ines

about the artist.
Ines, aka forward tumble, is a 42 year old mother of Fionn who died before he was born in June 2008. After a year of serious illness, she is learning to live her life without her child.

In Ines’ words, “While art and creativity has always somewhat been part of my life, I used to take a lot of pictures (still do) to capture the beauty of life. I have recently discovered art as a new way of expressing and releasing parts of me from within. I now pursue art in a more deliberate way because it seems to cleanse/liberate me which helps both in my grieving and life in general.”

Ines lives in rural Ireland in a house in a big field two miles from the sea. She maintains a number of blogs: forward tumble; daily forward tumble, chronicling her Creative Everyday Challenge; Fionn, a blog about her son; and tunnel time, a blog about growing vegetables in a poly tunnel in Ireland.


  1. What a captivating piece. Thanks Ines.
    Much love to you and remembering Fionn.

  2. Ines. You are so gifted. This is a very evocative and powerful piece.

    Thank you.

  3. I love this carving. Amazingly beautiful.

  4. really beautiful. buddha-like. xo

  5. :-) It sits on my windowsill and some days I pick it up just to hold for a moment and then put it back.

  6. You are so good at trying all different mediums, and you seem to excel at them all. This is just beautiful.

  7. I can't believe this is your first go at a 3 dimensional piece! It is lovely. I'm glad it pleases you. It should. I love it.


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