Sunday, October 17, 2010

When Tears and Broken Hearts Agree, Julie Cozens

When Tears and Broken Hearts Agree
by Julie Cozens

Commission new life, with hope
our brand new person,
first child, a brother, grandson
love dwells in every thought

Belly swells, a promise of life
fluttering begins, plans take shape
changes inside, waiting outside
the craftsman takes time

Stories told in the dark of night
how he will this
and I will that
excitement and longing grows

Scenes imagined on cue
malls an ever flowing baby parade
modern strollers, co-ordinated, accesorised
proud mums, I thought I'd be one too

Finely tuned, expertly crafted
so delicate, so dependant in the womb
doctors watch and wait, a few weeks more
horizon growing stormy, cold with fear

My child, my baby so close inside me
helpless to help him, pray
please let him be born Lord
alive to see his daddy's face

Hope and wait, pray and pray
parents today, a cry signals relief
now we are three, happy
marathon ran, all survived

Preparation is never enough
on the backdrop of fluffy blankets
minds wrestle to grasp
reality of anatomy gone wrong

Unknown words tumble forth
Patient and kind doctors explain
Surgery, transfer, emergency transport
first we will bring him in,

Maker made him, picked just for us
He knew we loved him
right from when he was really small
best place now, third floor somewhere really huge

Education, information learned, relayed
BP, HR, platelet, chromosome
too much, not enough, chimes call out
intense, neonatal, intense

Surgery stopped, the best know when
delay will save lives, he'll be stronger then
baby so still, so many machines
time passes by in fifteen minute alarms

Hope floats then drowns
be brave, stay positive, pray
make milk, it's something only I can do
cherish life, collect memories, be there

Belief outstrips, setbacks overcome
success, anatomy at last set right
hope and wait, pray and pray
Soon we will be a family at home

Created for a season, a purpose
time to leave, dignity
no more to be done, circle closing
tears and broken hearts agreed

Peace, loving arms our parting gift
yours, a whisper on the wind
richer and wiser we grew
welcoming and farewelling you

Bereaved, desolate days without end
patience till we meet in the next place,
we'll wait to see you there
in the garden, not on the third floor


about this poem.
I wrote this poem last year and it tells the story of his life journey. It's a little bit more than a birth story. I feel very strongly connected to this poem, I still sob at the line intense, neonatal, intense. -Julie

This poem was originally posted on Julie's blog.

about the contributor.
Julie Cozen's son Thomas was born in October 2007. In Julie's words, "I was 42 years old, I was already the Mum of three children, aged 11, 21 and 23. He was born with many health challenges and needed surgery to save his life. He was just not well enough to survive the surgery. Thomas died aged 135 days old in February 2008. I am trying to live around my broken heart."

Remembering Thomas and thinking of Julie and her family on his third birthday.


  1. Remembering Thomas today and always.
    Much love to you, Julie.

  2. As the Mother of a daughter who died in Neonatal I really resonate with your poem. I shed tears at the line intense, neonatal, intense.

    Thank you for sharing.

  3. What a brilliant poem. I could feel my heart beat speed up with its building instensity. Happy Birthday Thomas!

  4. Very powerful poem, thank you for sharing.
    Remembering with you today (*hugs*)


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