Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mid-Month Challenge: Rituals

Building on this month's theme of ritual, this mid-month challenge is to explore ritual in a piece of artwork, craft or writing about your grief and loss. Contributor could use any medium.


The Walking Stones.
Amy McCarter.
Surviving the Day Every Day

about the photo.
I had the first SL 365 traveling journal last week and wanted to take some photos with the lovely hand carved stones that Ines included. The last day of my time with the journal arrived and still I needed some photos of those tiny little stone footprints. I had also started setting up an ofrenda for the Day of the Dead this week, and suddenly I knew what I wanted to do with the little carved stones. It is in Liam's memory, and the memory of all my dead, I make the ofrenda. It is in Liam's memory and the memory all our little babies who I carry in my heart I take this photo. -Amy


For Thomas.
Julie Cozens.


still life with circles.

about this piece.
I don't know if this is a craft or a project or just a photograph, or even art, but it felt art-y, and creative and ritualistic. I created this Dia de los Muertos altar, or ofrenda, for my daughter Lucia Paz with lots of the Day of the Dead art I received last year in the art swap hosted by Mother Henna. I also added some things to it, like a woodcarving Ines did for Lucy, as well as the Celtic calavera she created on driftwood last year, a jizo, some milagros, and a needlefelted calavera I made this year. This is the first time we have ever displayed Lucia's picture in our home. I put it in this cool frame someone offered in last year's swap. The picture frame itself is a little pocket, so I thought I could fold it up if we were uncomfortable around guests, or my husband became uncomfortable. I had to cut out the original felt because my picture was too large, and I remade it with felt and a sacred heart milagro. My daughter saw the picture of Lucy and said, "Oh, Mama, she is sooooo cute." This was an incredible project for me. Opposed to feeling sad, it made me feel joyful to think of brightly colored things for my daughter's space.-Angie


  1. I see Lucy there. I am so honoured. So very honoured. She's simply beautiful like I knew she would be.
    Love all the pieces here.
    Thank you once again Angie.

  2. So touched and honored to see Lucy- thank you so much for sharing with us. She is beautiful. Her ofrenda is beautiful. And so is her mama.

  3. Amy, that's a stunning photograph and a wonderful ofrenda.

    Julie, I love your drawing, it really speaks to me, the beach, the waves the airplane, the balloons...

    Angie, I'm loving the fact you can celebrate and feel joyful and it's an honor to be part of it to have contributed to your celebration. Wonderful idea to put Lucia's photo into the pocket, I shall do the same with mine.

    xx Ines


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