Monday, October 4, 2010

On Joy and Sorrow, Megan

On Joy and Sorrow.
Travel Journal page.
Megan Warren.
Watercolor and ink.


about the piece.

This piece was created for the Still Life 365 Travel Journal. It is On Joy and Sorrow  by Khalil Gibran
This was read at the funerals of our sons. -Megan

about the contributor.
Megan is the wife to Ken and mother of five: 16 year old Troy and four who are only with us in Spirit - Brendan (stillborn 19/4/1999 - 20 weeks gestation); Cianan (stayed with us for us for 7 hours - 6/8/2000 - 22 weeks); Kavyn (stillborn 31/1/2002 - 23 weeks); Alex (stillborn 17/2/2005 - 21 weeks and 5 days). As Megan says, "Writing and art have helped me to traverse the journey that is grief. I have volunteered as a Peer support counsellor to other bereaved parents and facilitated grief writing workshops that I wrote and designed. I am in the process of developing this into an online workshop so that it is more accessible to those that need it. I blog at Four Ravens and  my former blog The Rose Garden has more of my poetry and writing."


  1. I can't wait to see this in person... the journal should arrive today or tomorrow!

  2. I hope it has arrived Amy - please let me know.


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