Sunday, October 3, 2010

Community Poem X: In Your Memory.

In your Memory
by the Community

In your memory, the day after you were born,
We came home and chose music for your funeral.

At 3:33, I close my eyes, commune with you, see your face, touch your cheek,
in a space that's not a space and a time that's not a time. I open my eyes--3:35.

I make embroidery a meditation.
Each cross, a kiss.

Each day, I recall that snap shot image of you I etched into my heart & mind the day you were born. I’ve planted a spring garden for you and talk to you through my thoughts every day.

I make an altar and kneel.
Say a prayer to the Saint of Heartbreak.

I seek out the patterns of the stars;
Your pattern never lost from my heart or the twinkling heavens.

I wake to the early morning light, look through the window to gaze at your garden and think, "Good morning.... I love you".
Then I stroll through the fading evening light to stand at your garden and whisper, "I love you... goodnight".

We plant roses and light candles,
and hold you in our hearts when we'd rather hold you in our arms.

In your memory, today I will reach out and embrace friendship.


about the poem.

This month's community poem is about rituals. Participants were asked to write two lines based on a ritual they performed for their child--the ritual could be something performed everyday, or it can be something performed once, like a funeral, planting a tree, or a religious rite.

about the poem.

This poem was written by Sally, Karla Marie, Jill, Janice, Angie, Rachel, Amy, Megan, and ANg.


  1. This is beautiful, I can hear (my imagined)voices of each contributor. x

  2. beautiful - wonderful job pulling it all together Angie xxxx

  3. oh, this poem is just lovely!

    I wake up on these community poem Sundays so eager to see what beautiful creation we have contributed to. And as always, thanks for putting the submissions together into a meaningful poem.

  4. A lump in my throat and tears well in my eyes when reading this collaborative piece. So beautifully thread together Angie, thank you.

  5. Perfect as always. Shivers up my spine.

  6. This is really touching...and it flows well. I love it.


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