Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Untitled, Lindsay.

24" x36"
Acrylic paints, handmade paper, glass, sand and gloss medium on canvas.


about the painting.
This piece began after I was discharged from the hospital and Zoe-Beth was still there on a ventilator. Many things are represented here. My torn placenta, the beauty, pain, new life and longing. I feel like this painting truly represents where I was at during and after my daughter's short life and death. It hangs above the dining table to remind me of the past, but to also remind me of the beauty the future may hold for me yet. --Lindsay

about the artist.
Lindsay is an artist and mother of three. In September 2007, Lindsay had a full placental abruption at 32 weeks with her second daughter Zoe-Beth. Zoe lived for three weeks. Lindsay blogs about her life, art and journey at La La Land.

Remembering Zoe-Beth on her third birthday.  


  1. This is stunning. I love that you have it hanging in your house, and what it represents for you.

    Remembering Zoe-Beth on her day.

  2. This is beautiful. The colors and textures are so amazing. Thank you for sharing this on Zoe-Beth's 3rd Birthday.

  3. A beautiful painting and a beautiful reminder. I hope that the future may hold many beautiful things for you Lindsay.
    Remembering Zoe-Beth on her birthday. xo

  4. Beautiful painting my friend. Thinking of sweet Zoe today... Happy belated birthday, little girl.

  5. The colors are powerful. Remembering Zoe-Beth.


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