Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sunset, Tania Wohling

Tania Wohling.
Photography Series.


about the series.
Sunset - Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia 31 May 2010
These images were taken during the evening of Jordan's anniversary.. there was no spectacular sunset, no wham bam here I am glow, just a slow darkening of the sky blue grey and then silver... yet her brother still loved it and as we remembered that night, we smiled as we saw how happy C was and how time just doesn't stop still, for anyone. -Tania

about the contributor.
Tania is a project officer in the health industry and freelance photographer. "I am the big sister to little sister whose has suffered infant loss. Every part of a family suffers the loss, in their own way and in their own time," describes Tania.


  1. Very beautiful photographs, and the story behind them.

  2. I am touched and reminded of other people's feelings by your post. Thank you :-)


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