Friday, September 3, 2010

Dweller by Rachel Simon

by Rachel Simon

I can’t get over things fast
I like to dwell
To brood over my emotions
My thoughts
I’m a dweller by nature

Mostly, I dwell on my sorrow
My pain
My anger
My occasional hatred
The injustice of it all

Sometimes I also dwell on good things
The way you smelled
Your puffy cheeks
Your piano fingers
The non-existent toenail on your little baby toe
Just like mine

I need to feel the pain
To feel the little joys
To dwell
It makes me feel
Well… human
In a sense it makes me feel


about the poet.
Rachel Simon lost her daughter Shiloh to an umbilical cord accident in October 2008. She created a website in memory of Shiloh: In Memory of our Daughter, and maintains a blog called Our Healing Journey.


  1. I love your poem - I'm also a dweller.

    lynette x

  2. Her words are very moving and raw. I can't imagine the pain of losing a child. I have been fortunate that all three of my children are well. I am thankful for that everyday. I feel a great compassion for anyone who has had to endure that kind of heartbreak.

  3. Rachel, I feel the same way. I like to dwell too, makes me feel closer to my baby girl. It's a sweet sweet pain, but better than nothing. Thankyou for sharing.


  4. Rachel.. your words moved me to tears...I like to dwell too.. it gives me a moment in time to hold my daughter once more ...I am so sorry for your loss...

  5. Lovely, Rachel. I'm the same way, even though many people have said and implied that this is not the way it "should" be. But it things were the way they "should" be, then we wouldn't be here, right?


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