Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dresden's tree, Shannon Ryan.

Dresden's tree.
Shannon Ryan.


about the piece.
Shannon talks about this piece, "These are two pictures of Dresden's memorial tree--one spring blossom and one from September. This tree was planted with some of Dresden's ashes, and has been a great source of healing for me. Some days I just lay next to it and feel my sweet boy.. the aroma from the blossoms in Spring were just wonderful, and I've enjoyed watching and protecting the four apples that graced his tree this year. We'll use one of those apples to make his special apple birthday cake on his 2nd birthday, September 9th."

about the contributor.
Shannon began writing about her family on The Ryan Family, a few weeks before her son Dresden was stillborn. As Shannon explains, "It is mostly just day to day regular stuff, it was a perfect place for me to put all of my early feelings out there about Dresden... and to get support for those feelings." Shannon has three children, Gwen, Dresden and Delaney.

Remembering Dresden today on his second birthday. Keeping Shannon and Shaun in our thoughts today as they honor his memory.


  1. Hope Dresden's birthday passed peacefully for you.
    lynette x

  2. What a sweet way to remember your son. I hope the apples continue to multiply in years to come. Remembering Dresden as another year has passed.


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