Saturday, September 18, 2010

Apple, Angie

4" x 6"


about this piece.
This is the first thing I painted after Lucy died. I couldn't do anything, really, I was so overcome with grief. And I decided to follow a How-To Watercolor book and the projects, just to keep my mind occupied. This little apple represents the first hour, or however long it took, in which I felt a sense of calm and concentration after my daughter's death. It isn't the best apple in the world, but it isn't poisoned either. In a lot of ways, this apple is the beginning of my exploration of creativity in my grief, and I guess the first domino in a chain reaction to this website.--Angie

about the contributor.
Angie is the editor of still life 365. Her second daughter Lucia was stillborn after 38 weeks of pregnancy. She writes about her experience with grief and mothering at still life with circles. She is also a regular contributor at Glow in the Woods.


  1. What an amazing story behind this humble apple. Whether or not it is the best apple in the world, it is great to see this piece and hear the story that goes along with it.
    Thanks for sharing, Angie.

  2. A wonderful example of how a little creativity can calm. x

  3. I love it. Simple but beautiful.
    How-To books and tutorials are the best thing for me when my mind is stuck in grief. They tell me what to do, because I can't see it. Takes a while for me to get into the flow...

  4. I really love the colors on this, it's very pretty. It seems like such a small thing, but such a story behind it. Nice reminder how the little things can mean so much more too.

  5. It's very beautiful Angie. The non-poisoned comment was a nice touch.

  6. Simple. It's how we have to get going again after a loss like this. One step, and then another, and after a while, sometimes we realize we've started a marathon.


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