Thursday, August 12, 2010

Untitled, Michelle


Mixed Media and Acrylic.


about this piece.
Michelle talks about her piece. "This piece is painted using acrylics, torn magazine photos and other paper materials (decoupage) that represent who I am. Audrey was born at 25 weeks and died 5.5 hours after birth. I started this painting about a month after she died as I struggled to remember who I was before my heart and womb felt so void. Nine months later I was finally able to go back to it and finish. It's as if all that was in my heart went with her and she left me with love."

about the artist.
Michelle blogs at Loving Audrey.


  1. The collage image in the womb is so powerful~

  2. This is beautiful. A piece of art you have clearly put your heart and soul in to. To me this looks like you womb is full of all the hopes and dreams you had for Audrey. I'm so sorry she's not with you. I love her name.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  3. Michelle this is amazing...I wish I could get a closer view of the inside of the heart...ironically...perhaps i can get a closer view of YOUR heart then too...that a perfect thing to have for years and years for your sweet means so much to do something special for her too!!!

  4. This is amazing Michelle. I am loving the collage part especially and how it conveys the piece of you she took with her. Beautiful beautiful work. Keep painting, it really is a beautiful outlet.


  5. Absolutely beautiful and so interesting that you worked on this piece so soon after Audrey died and, again, nine months later. I almost think I can see the two elements in your work. There is so much love in it.

  6. My first thought was that the upside down heart is fitting with the way a baby's death turns your life upside down.


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