Wednesday, August 11, 2010

To Frost and From Frost to his Mama, Jessica Davis

 To Frost
by Jessica Davis
If I didn't know you
before the sun,
my eyes wouldn't
shine as bright.
If I didn't see you
before the sea,
my tears wouldn't
be as true.
If I didn't hear you
before the birds,
my song wouldn't
sweeten the wind.
If I didn't paint you
before the sky,
the sunsets would
all be blue.
If I didn't dream you
before the night,
the stars would
fall from the sky.
If I didn't have you
before my heart,
I wouldn't know love at all.
And If I didn't feel
your tiny hand
holding on to mine,
the World would stop
and ask me...
"What happened to our friend?"
From Frost to His Mama
I'll leave a light on for you
and call it the Moon.
Through tree tops in Winter
you'll see it shine.
And remember.
It will light your way to me
with the softest glow.
The kind that warms
Autumn's early chill.
My light will guide your feet,
like those of a child.
Whispering through the cushion
of Summer-soft grass.
In the Springtime,
it will show you
the place in your heart
where a home has grown.
Look up,
my light is smiling at you.
I'll leave a light on for you
and call it the Moon.
Follow it back to me.

about the pieces.
Jessica talks about her pieces, "I wrote both of these poems on the same day in October before our baby boy, Frost, died in December.  They were meant to be happy little bits of my thoughts that I would share with him as he grew.  After I completed them, I felt an overwhelming sense of fate in them.  I cried.  I didn't know why, maybe just all of the normal worries a Mother feels.   After we lost Frost, the meaning of the poems changed for me.  I found them again, in the little notebook I had written them down in, a few weeks after he had died.  I sobbed again, I felt that I had not listened to my own words.  I did not see what was going to happen to us even though my words seemed to spell it out so clearly.  The first poem I called: To Frost.  The second, I did not give a title.  I now feel that the second poem was from Frost to me.  My little baby was telling me that he will be there for me, I just have to find him."
about the poet.
Jessica is the mother of two children living in Kansas.   Her first child, Hadley, is 8 years old and was so ready to be a big sister to Frost.  Frost, her son, was stillborn on December 18, 2009, due to a cord accident at 34 weeks gestation.  Jessica writes at Walks With Frost.


  1. It's been a while since something made me cry. Thank you for the poems Jessica, they are lovely.

  2. The poems are stunning, Jessica. They really spoke to my heart and deeply moved me. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing.

  3. So beautiful~ I wasn't expecting the second poem, and it was such a sweet reply.

  4. Simply beautiful poetry.
    So sorry your Frost is not here.

  5. THis is a very moving and beautiful poem. Your words flow so gracefully and the picture that forms from the words peaceful and full of love. THank you for sharing these heartfelt poems. Just lovely, both of them.

  6. i had a similar instance of "knowing". when i was in labor with Aquila the song "heaven is the face" came on and i started crying. i did not know it then, but that was the song we played at her funeral.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing these, Jessica. They are so very beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. The words "I'll leave a light on for you
    and call it the Moon" are so lovely and touching. I am so sorry, you don't have Frost in your arms.

  8. I'm so glad you shared this with us. Your poems are beautiful, and I send my love.

  9. So beautiful. So touching. Thanks for sharing.


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